Hormonal IUS Updates: June 2020 Technical Consultation – Day 2
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In June 2020, the Method Choice Community of Practice, led by the Evidence to Action (E2A) Project, and the Hormonal IUS Access Group co-convened an online event, “Hormonal IUS Updates: New Insights and Steps Toward Scale.” The session explored opportunities to expand access to the levonorgestrel intrauterine system (IUS)—also known as the hormonal IUS—as part of a broader contraceptive method mix. Objectives of the session included reviewing key features of the hormonal IUS and current product availability in low- and middle-income countries; sharing updates from the Hormonal IUS Access Group; expanding global understanding of current evidence about the method; reviewing the global learning agenda; and addressing considerations for provision of LARCs including the hormonal IUS in the era of COVID-19. Slides from Day 2 of the meeting can be downloaded here; slides from Day 1 are also available in the resource library of the Hormonal IUS AccesRecordings from the sessions are also available in the “Updates” section of this website: https://www.iusportal.org/blog

Authors: Method Choice Community of Practice and the Hormonal IUS Access Group

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